I have been delivering professional service to my clients for almost 20 years. A number of those were spent in the Vancouver area before we decided to make the move to the beautiful Okanagan.

Born in communist Poland, I fled my country with husband of 33 years, two young children and two suitcases, to start a new life in “the land of opportunities”.  As refugees in Canada we were struggling to survive working day and night to support our family. This has taught me how to be strong, stay focused and value my client’s hard earned dollar.  I graduated from a hospitality industry college where I learned a few different languages and the ability to communicate with different cultures.

Working with a wide range of clients, I have earned a long standing reputation for honesty and loyalty. In my spare time, I enjoy downhill skiing, boating and mushroom picking in the mountains.

Over the past few years my clientele has grown, so to serve them properly I decided to team up with my son in-law Sascha. Contrary to what people think, a Polish and German, mother and son in-law combination works quite well together. With my experience and his enthusiasm, we are the perfect Realtors® for you!